A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the adventure of your life, an exciting journey to an unknown world, where you will have to explore immense and fabulous landscapes full of nature and colors. Your name is Machango, and you are an astronaut your ship has been damaged for unknown reasons and ends up on a strange planet without being able to leave it, your mission will be to take you to explore, to try to escape from this planet in some way.

Remember that the game is still in development, and that we will continue working with this project very soon.


Bienvenido a la aventura de tu vida, un apasionante viaje a un mundo desconocido, donde buscarás explorar inmensos y fabulosos parajes llenos de naturaleza y colores. Tu nombre es Machango, y eres un astronauta que por causas desconocidas tu nave ha sido dañada y acaba en un extraño planeta sin poder salir de él, tu misión será llevar a cabo una exploración, e intentar escapar de este planeta de algún modo.

Recuerda que el juego sigue en desarrollo, y muy pronto seguiremos trabajando con este proyecto.

Install instructions

For Windows:

Just decompress the game and launch the ".exe"


Solo descomprime el juego y ejecuta el ".exe"

For MAC:

Remember to put the "Bioplanet_x.x.x_MAC.app" file in the Applications folder on your computer (if you don't do that it won't work)


Recuerda poner el archivo "Bioplanet_x.x.x_MAC.app" en la carpeta de Aplicaciones en tu ordenador (si no haces esto el juego no funcionara)


BioPlanet_0.1.7_Windows.zip 34 MB
BioPlanet_0.1.7_MAC.zip 56 MB
BioPlanet_0.1.7_Linux.zip 45 MB


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Very interesting concept and idea you have, though there is not much to explore yet you certainly caught my curiosity and I look forward to seeing more.
I did feel like the character movement was a little quirky though, the horizontal movement stopped the instant I released the joystick(which is great for sprite platforming, but feels a little weird in 3D), the character also turns too quickly and it can make them feel floaty as if they lack mass.

Beautiful designs though and a world which makes me want to see more~


It's great, a game with a lot of future, very good soundtrack and a spectacular atmosphere, very good work.

Hi Jesus, thanks for the support, we are happy that you like it!


Simple but fun, good job! :)